What Folks Are Saying

Jackie V.

Assessment client, Umbrella School client

Yolanda I just want to thank you for all your hard work! Thank you for the many suggestions you have given me. I love how you suggested the audio book with a hard copy book. My daughter went through her fist book reading by herself and she loved it. She wrote a small book report for the first time and asked for more! I'm really happy to see how she is turning around this year. Thank you!

I love Education Revolution!!!! Yolanda is the best, she knows what she is doing! She makes you feel at ease every step of the way, she helps you no matter what curriculum you decide to do for your child. She takes time out for questions and concerns and never makes you feel like she is to busy to help. She has even help me with research and made great suggestions to aid us in our homeschooling adventures! Thank you so much Yolanda! 

Sheena S.

Umbrella School client, Simple Revolution Solution,

Donna B.

Assessment client, Umbrella School client, Simple Revolution Solution client

My daughter enjoyed the online live lessons and we are looking forward to taking more classes with Education Revolution. This is a wonderful option that compliments our homeschool curriculum.