Homeschool transcript services and report cards now available!

homeschool transcript servicesWho knows what the future holds for you, or your student. You might find the need to have your student’s grades confirmed by a third party. You may need a transcript to apply to an academic program, school, or job. Or perhaps you just like to have a separate source of record keeping for your student’s academic progress. No matter the reason, Education Revolution has got your back! We now offer the option for report card and homeschool transcript services to students enrolled with us, all bundled into a simple and affordable solution!


So just what does it provide?
  • An electronic report card given once per quarter
  • Homeschool transcript services: Tracking, housing, and maintenance of grades across school years
  • One complementary official hard copy transcript per academic year available on request that can be mailed anywhere within the contiguous United States. Additional copies available at a nominal cost.


What DOESN’T this service mean?
  • Education Revolution does not, and will never, require all students to use a certain curriculum. Home educators still have full control over what they use to educate their students.
  • Education Revolution does not give or dictate the grades. The home educator continues to tabulate the grades.
  • Education Revolution does not require this of enrolled families. Home educators can use any homeschool transcript services, or method they like to keep and to track of their student’s grades and progress.


Who might want this service?
  • If your student wants to attend college, or post secondary school, a transcript might be required.
  • If you might move out of the country, and official transcript might be helpful.
  • If you find yourself requested, for legal reasons, to show academic progress, report cards and transcripts can assist.
  • If you simply want a 3rd party to maintain your records, we can do that for you!


This service is $80 per year, just $20 per quarter! 

No, you don’t have to fidget with the transcript or report card template. Yes, it will provide an official record of your student’s grades. 



Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?

(UPDATED) You must subscribe at the start of your academic year. You will be charged quarterly, though you may pay upfront. You’ll submit the grades and course descriptions. You’ll receive an invoice for the first quarter’s record keeping service within a few days of the first quarter.


Which grades is this service available for?

Any student enrolled in Education Revolution, form kindergarten through high school seniors, may request this service. 


How do home educators report grades and classes taken?

This is done at the same time, on the same form, as attendance.


Can’t you just give the grades?

(UPDATED) Unless your student is enrolled a Simple Revolution Solution we simply aren’t in the best position to assess their work–and thus in no position to supply grades.


My kid is a senior, you backup their transcript through freshman year?

Yes–but under limited circumstance. While  we will create transcripts and report cards for students in any grade, we will only back date transcripts for high school years. Also, it must be requested and paid for the first time the student’s grades are reported. There is a flat fee of $100 per academic year that is back dated. If you need to back date a transcript, email us.


Who provides the class or course description that goes on the transcript?

The home educator does. You can provide a copy of the course syllabus, class description from a catalogue, or write one yourself.


Can I use the service off and on?

You can use the service one year, and not the next. However, you must sign up for a full year–we do NOT do partial years for this service.  The service is $80 for 4 report cards and transcript updates. You may pay upfront or quarterly–meaning $20 per quarter. Also, unless your student is a high school student and you pay to back date your transcript for the time you did not select the service, there will be a gap during the time we were not maintaining the records.


Is this included in the Simple Revolution Solution?

No. The Simple Revolution Solution addresses streamlining curriculum and lessons for core content. These two products are not connected.


Can students enrolled in the Simple Revolution Solution use this service?

Yes. However, the grades and course descriptions will be provided for you from the course instructor… isn’t that simple? blue because our services aren’t available to you?

Have no fear! You can download a free editable transcript which you can maintain yourself, courtesy of Education Revolution!

Grab your free copy today!