Education Revolution was established to support families that educate their children outside of the public school system. We currently offer three basic options.


Standard offerings

Enroll in our private, umbrella school
Records, including attendance, kept for students as required by Florida law.
Transcript and report card services are available a la carte.
Assistance with locating resources and providing curriculum advice.
Parents retain right to select curriculum and educational routine.
No mandatory high-stakes testing or evaluations.
Unschoolers welcomed.
Cost: $35.
Sibling discount: $10 off per sibling, 2 student and up
Use our portfolio review services
The in-person service is currently only available in Osceola County.
The virtual review is available to any student in Florida.
Suggestions for free or low-cost options for the following academic year upon request.
Cost: $30 (in person)
Cost: $25 (virtual)
Use us for Norm-Reference Test Administration
$60 for one session, or $40 for two or more sessions
This service is currently only available in Osceola and Orange Counties.
Administration (does not include test rental): $60 per child if completed in one session; $40 per session if two or more sessions are needed
Multiple student discount: $5 discount per child for 2–10 children (applies to students who test at the same time and in the same location while taking tests/levels that can be administered simultaneously).
NOTE: Some tests are untimed, some are timed. After speaking we can determine if your student should take the test in one day (one session) or broken up in shorter sessions.



À la carte offerings

Consultation and advocacy
15 minutes free, $30 per hour
In need of consultation to...
* plan academic needs for your student
* prepare for or attend IEP, or exceptional education related meetings
$25-30 per hour
Does your student one-on-one, personal tutoring?
* In-person tutoring service are currently only available in Osceola in downtown Kissimmee. ($30 per hour)
* The virtual tutoring is available to any student. ($25 per hour)
* Contact us to see if we are currently taking any new tutoring clients.
Letter writing, forms, ect
In need of a formal letter, or form, to...
* request testing for exceptional education from the local school district
* confirm enrollment in the umbrella school
Grade/Transcript Services
$80 and up
(Available ONLY to students registered with Education Revolution)
* electronic/printable report card provided each quarter, including one printed and mailed
* two official transcripts available upon request per school year
* provides a professional, third-party approach to record keeping and documentation