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Get to know Yolanda Newton, Director of Education Revolution

Director of Education Revolution
Y. Newton, Director of Education Revolution

Yolanda Newton founded Education Revolution in 2016 after 10 years teaching in traditional schools. During her tenure in elementary, middle, and high schools, Yolanda taught reading, math, and social studies. She worked both in the regular and special education settings and received experience working with a variety of students, including those with learning disabilities, ADHD, psychological challenges, deafness, and on the autism spectrum.

Education Revolution was launched to support the home school community that Yolanda grew to understand and champion as she began researching options for her own children. As a mother of two boys, she began culling through curriculum and legal options to school her own children in the way she believed would best fit their needs and prepare them for the future.

Yolanda believes in being a lifetime learner. She attended Brooklyn Technical High School, an intensive STEM-based school on New York. She also attended The University of South Florida where her studies focused on Sociology and Leadership Studies. While there she participated as a learner in an experimental educational programs, taking non-traditional college classes. Yolanda is continuously active in taking classes–learning everything from how build organic gardens to how she can improve her skills as an educator. She is working towards a graduate degree fromCapella University, focusing on the creation of online curriculum design and serving the needs of learners in a virtual setting.

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Get to know Jennifer Princivil, An Official Grader and Curriculum Writer at Education Revolution

Jennifer Princivil works as an official grader on some of Education Revolutions in house courses, like those found as part of the Simple Revolution Solution. She is also a curriculum creator, and collaborates on some of the upcoming curriculum to be released under the Education Revolution Brand. 

Jennifer Princivil in an official grader and curriculum writer with Education Revolution

Jennifer as a strong background in education. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, and an adjunct professor at Valencia College. “I taught high school English and teach English online to international students,” she notes.

However, Jennifer isn’t all business. ” I love traveling, reading, and watching documentaries. In my spare time I work with the deaf community and assist others in improving their lives.”

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