What Makes Education Revolution Different?

Education Revolution’s flexible, forward-thinking approach makes us different.

Education Revolution was started by a homeschool-supportive educator turned homeschool parent.

“I knew from the end of my first year as a teacher in the public education system that if I ever had children, I would seek alternative education,” said Yolanda Newton, founder and director of Education Revolution.

As an educator, Mrs. Newton enjoyed working with a wide variety of students in non-traditional ways.

“I often found myself drawn to the educational philosophy of homeschool, Montessori, and teaching approaches from different cultures,” she recalls. “When other teachers gave tests, I gave freedom and experiences. I never considered myself a dispenser of knowledge, but a guide to the world. I always thought my job was to help each individual child become the very best they could be.”

“Unfortunately, the educational system is headed down a path where children become faceless numbers, not individuals. Even the best educator is forced to spend too much time teaching tests or forcing students to take and pass subjects of no interest to them or value to their future,” laments Mrs. Newton.

“Students who learn differently often aren’t allowed to learn the way that works best for them. Kids aren’t allowed time to deeply study subjects they might actually be interested in because there is no time. Maybe the cure for cancer will come from the mind of that kid sitting in the back of science just reading a section of the textbook that interests him. But we’ll never know if he is told to shut the book and his mind because that chapter isn’t on this week’s test.”

“I want better for my own sons. I want better for all the kids, and that’s why I started Education Revolution.”


The Multi-Prong, Flexible Approach 

Families choose to leave the traditional educational system for a variety of reasons, each based on their own needs and unique situations. Therefore, Education Revolution offers a variety of services that will continue to expand to accommodate various types of learners, educational philosophies, and family needs.

The parents of each child know them better than anyone else, so they ultimately make the decisions about their child’s education. Education Revolution is simply a resource hub to help inform those decisions.

Education Revolution offers assistance for families that feel completely comfortable leading their child’s education on their own and parents who want assistance.

Education philosophies, from highly structured to unschoolers, are welcomed because every child, family, and situation is different, and there’s no one way to meet everyone’s needs.

Education Revolution offers an umbrella school option as well as portfolio reviews and norm-reference testing. In addition, Education Revolution offers access to a growing library of curriculums and exclusive lesson plans that come packaged with needed materials. Like a traditional school, there will be options for field trips that come bundled with optional pre- and post-trip materials. We even host workshops and creative lesson sessions.

Options: it’s what Education Revolution is all about!