Homeschool virtual lessons for first quarter 2017-18 school year

It’s that time of year again! Many parents across the country are in the mode of school year planning. Maybe you’re one looking for homeschool virtual lessons, trips, or local face-to-face options.


Here at Education Revolution we’re in the business of supporting homeschool families in Florida and beyond. Therefore I’m super excited to announce some great all-in-one courses to support students in grades kindergarten, 1, and 5 for the first quarter of the school year.


And when I say all-in-one, that is exactly what we mean. With these Education Revolution’s courses you get physical curriculum to keep, live lessons, supplemental material, super-simple science hands-on/lab ideas, and the ability to work directly with me on future planning or questions your students might have!


Sounds pretty great huh?


And the price? That’s pretty great too! With early bird specials starting at $50, these course solutions are budget friendly!


But it gets even better because you can enroll now and pay later. That means you can snag the great price a deal even if you don’t have cash in hand today to pay.


So what are you still reading this post for? I can’t wait to start working with students–including yours!


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