Does Education Revolution require certain tests or classes for students to move from one grade to another?

No. According to Florida laws, private schools, like Education Revolution, make their own decisions about the educational requirements of its students. In line with the overall philosophy of Education Revolution, there is no required annual testing or outline of required classes needed.


Is there a specific curriculum required?

No. Every child is different. As each student of Education Revolution’s is led by their home educator, usually a parent, the curriculum used for each child is different. Home educators are free to use the curriculum of their choosing and change it when needed.


So, can I just turn in attendance?

No. Education Revolution requires either the home educator or the student to complete annually a brief two-question form. One question regards what your student learned during the school year, while the other asks what Education Revolution can do to help in the following year. We want to know what we can do to help. If the home educator doesn’t need anything, that’s completely fine—they can simply indicate that on the form. However, if there’s something that you need, and if Education Revolution can help, we will. The form is simply used to see what’s working for students enrolled in Education Revolution and to help plan different ways to support home educators and their students. A helpful school—now isn’t that revolutionary?


About that annual survey: Do I need to provide a portfolio or documents? Is it complicated?

No. Home educators aren’t required to write lengthy responses or turn in documentation. In fact, responses can be written in either a formal or informal style; an artistic, video, or audio submission; or a response be conducted via a 5 minute phone conversation. Either the home educator or student can reply to the questions. It’s low stress and not used as a means of assessment.


How many days of school are required?

The state of Florida requires 180 calendar days of instruction per school year. Broken down into hours, Florida requires kindergarten students to have 540 hours of instruction, students in grades 1–3 to have 720 hours of instruction, and students in grades 4–12 to have 900 hours of instruction.


When does the school year for Education Revolution start?

A student may enroll at any time. The school year for each student starts on the day of his or her enrollment and lasts 365 days. The next school years starts on the anniversary of his or her enrollment.

For example: if Mary’s official enrollment date is February 12, 2016, then she needs to complete at least 180 calendar days of instruction by February 11, 2017; her new school year would begin February 12, 2017.


When and how is attendance collected?

Even though home educators should keep track of attendance daily, it’s only collected at the end of March, June, September, and December. Home educators will receive a quarterly email newsletter with a reminder of attendance deadlines.

Attendance is collected electronically.


What days can be counted towards the attendance requirement?

Any day can be counted, including weekends and holidays.


Can I count days prior to official enrollment?

No. Attendance can only be counted from the day of official enrollment.


Why do you need attendance anyway?

All private schools, including Education Revolution, are required by law to maintain a record of attendance.


Why does Education Revolution need all that private information for enrollment? And do I have to give it again?

Education Revolution is a registered private school and must collect information required by law. Once enrolled, you will not be asked for this information again as long as you remain actively enrolled.


Who do I need to inform if I want my child to enroll with Education Revolution? How do I do so?

You don’t need to let anyone know that your child is enrolled with Education Revolution unless you had them enrolled in another school or you are enrolled in a homeschool program registered with your local school board.

If you are transferring from a public school, it’s vital that you withdraw your student. If you fail to withdraw your child, the school will mark your student absent and you may find a truant officer at your door. If you are withdrawing your child from a private school, simply follow their procedures. When withdrawing, you simply need to indicate that your child is enrolling in a private school called “Education Revolution.”

If you are currently registered with your local county school board as a homeschooler, you need to send a letter of termination to the superintendent, or his or her designated home school liaison once you are enrolled. You need to state that you are terminating your home school program and that your child is enrolling in a private school called “Education Revolution.”


Can I receive a copy of my child’s records from the school I’m withdrawing them from?

Yes. When enrolling, indicate that you would like your child’s records from his or her previous school. I will request the records and forward them to you. However, you will be responsible for covering the cost of shipping.


I want to transfer my child to Education Revolution, but they already started a grade level at another school. When will my child move from one grade to the next?

Education Revolution naturally promotes students from one grade to the next after four quarters of 180 days of reported attendance . Attendance taken at the school from which the student is transferring does not count toward this requirement. Grade levels are changed at the end of the quarter and are not connected to the enrollment day.


Does Education Revolution give traditional grades?

No. If grades are produced, they are given by the home educator who conducts the lessons.


Does Education Revolution issue report cards?


Yes, but only if requested. Education Revolution will keep an official record of grades for an additional fee. The grades that appear on the report card will be those given by the home educator who conducts the lessons or another agreed upon entity (for example FLVS). The grades will be kept on file and become part of the student’s permanent record with Education Revolution. A copy of the report card will be sent home for student records. Grades must be turned in with attendance reports.


Does Education Revolution issue transcripts?

Yes, but only if requested by the home educator and only for students in grades 9–12. Education Revolution will keep track of grades as reported by the home educator or another agreed upon entity (for example FLVS). One official transcript will be issued free of charge upon graduation or withdrawal. Home educators selecting to have a transcript for their students must report grades attendance quarterly . Transcripts are optional and there’s no charge if grades are reported quarterly. Requests to backdate transcripts, or provide additional copies, will incur a fee. Please contact us if you find yourself in this situation.


I want to transfer my student to Education Revolution. Can I transfer grades and credit from another institution to an Education Revolution transcript?

Yes, if the transferred information is for work completed between grades 9–12. However, there is a fee for verifying grades on transferred transcripts.


Education Revolution isn’t the right fit. Can we withdraw?

Of course: you simply need to contact us via email to terminate enrollment. Your withdrawal will be recorded on the date that your request was sent. Education Revolution does not, however, offer refunds if a student withdraws before his or her school year is completed.

A student who withdraws from a private school like Education Revolution can enroll in public or private school or begin a course of home school.


How does a student graduate?

A student will naturally complete his or her course of enrollment during the school year that he or she is designated as a 12th grade student, at the end of the quarter in which they completed the 180-day requirement. To receive a diploma from Education Revolution, a student must either (a) obtain a score of at least 40% on any nationally recognized norm-standardized test the student has taken during his or her high school career (9–12 grade) OR (b) undergo an exit interview and portfolio review conducted by Education Revolution. This interview will review work samples created during the student’s senior year. Students must be able to provide work samples comparable to expectations of high school seniors in the areas of English/language, math, history, and science. There is a charge for an exit interview conducted by Education Revolution.

When the student is ready for graduation, the home educator simply needs to contact us via email to have his or her student’s graduation recorded. They’ll even get a diploma from Education Revolution!


How much does enrollment in Education Revolution Cost?

There is a flat annual fee of $35 due at the time of enrollment. Thereafter, student enrollment fees are due annually at the closest attendance due date that falls after the student’s enrollment anniversary date.

For example: if Mary’s enrolled in February 2016, her enrollment packet would have been returned with a one year enrollment fee. Her next enrollment fee would not be due until March 2017, when her quarterly attendance is reported.

There is no registration fee or additional required fees. Make sure you check out everything that comes with enrollment

à la carte fees:

  • Incoming transcript verification: $25
  • Report Card generation: $5 per quarter (when grades received with attendance)
  • Additional transcript copies: $15
  • Exit Interview for graduation: $40