Looking for homeschool lessons for your student?

Current Homeschool Lessons Offerings

Looking for homeschool lessons for your student?
Are you looking for homeschool lessons for your students that are flexible, fun, and affordable?

Check out the current homeschool lesson offerings. Upcoming lessons and events might include virtual lessons, live lessons, field trips, and more. Virtual homeschool lessons are open to any student in the United States.


One of the offerings of Education Revolution is homeschool lessons that are designed for students with a wide variety of needs. Elementary level? Middle school grades? High schoolers? We host virtual and face-to-face lessons for students in all levels.


Does your students have special needs? Contact us when enrolling, because when we say Education Revolution is forward and flexible, we mean just that!


First Quarter 2017-18

See our brochure covering all current offerings, including the Simple Revolution Solution here.


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