Central Florida Homeschool Expo 2019–You’re Invited!

Hello! My name is Yolanda Newton. I am a local homeschool mom, a local business owner, and an educator of over ten years. In my position interacting with other homeschooling families, I have noticed that there are so many close by resources that homeschooling families aren't aware exist. Almost daily I tell someone about a resource or idea that would fit their needs. 

I realized that what is needed is an EXPO for local businesses, organizations, and resources, to let homeschoolers know the fantastic things they are offering. And I am all about filling the gaps in the homeschooling community where needed!

Therefore, I would like to cordially invite you to attend the 1st Central Florida Homeschool Expo and Showcase to be held in downtown Kissimmee on July 15th from 10am-2pm!

If you're an ORGANIZATION that have events or products for homeschoolers, VENDOR, TUTOR, CO-OP, a FIELD TRIP location, we'd love for you to showcase what you offer! Please fill out our vendor form here! 

- Yolanda Newton,

Home Educator and local businesswoman 


Website: http://www.itsjustreach.com

"IMG_2465" by Mid-Continent Public Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

A expo similar to the one being started in Central Florida. This image is by Mid-Continent Public Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

About The Event

The event will occur in the beautiful, recently renovated REACH building located in the heart of downtown Kissimmee and is entirely free to attend. You'll be able to talk to local homeschool experts, find out great opportunities open you your students, meet fellow homeschoolers, and kick-off or reset your homeschool journey for maximum success!

What will you find at the event? 

  • homeschool experts on hand to answer questions
  • find local enrichment classes and programs 
  • see what local non-profit organizations have to offer
  • get to know local tutors
  • find your new co-op
  • mix, mingle, and make connections

If you're a local homeschool educator that missed other Expos, or couldn't afford them--we want YOU to have access to all the information and opportunities available to you! All you have to do is attend!

We look forward to seeing you there!

DATE: July 15 2019
TIME: 10 AM- 2 PM
WHERE: 115 North Stewart Avenue, Kissimmee, FL, USA (see directions @ https://kissimmeehq.com/)
WHO IS THIS FOR: You! If you current homeschool, or are interested in homeschooling, this event is for you! Feel free to bring your children.

Would you like an opportunity to win $250 towards curriculum or live lessons*? You'll also receive a reminder about the event. Though not required, you'll receive BOTH by RSVPing below. You must be present to win, but you must RSVP for the chance.

Optional RSVP is available below.

The purpose of the event is to connect homeschooling families with local resources that might meet their needs. They simply can't take advantage of what you offer if they don’t know you exist! We want you to do more than just hand out fliers. If you teach art classes, you can paint, or let students paint. Are you a music teacher? If we know ahead of time, we can let you showcase your talents. A bit more traditional? Show a movie or slideshow that highlights what you have to offer. The first 9 businesses or organizations that sign up will receive a 2-minute mic-time slot to tell others about what we’re doing. We want to attract new clients for you!

Participating organizations and businesses will receive a  display table and inclusion in an email blast to all attendees (in case they misplaced your information, they’ll have it). 

Space is limited! We also will be careful not to host too many businesses in the same category. So if you’re a tutor, you won’t be staring at 6 other folks that also tutor. Space will be taken on a first reserved based. Sorry, no space saving!

For non-profits organization the registration is free. You will be asked for proof of non-profit status. We simply ask that you post publicly about the Expo on social media and/or your physical location if you have foot traffic. (Registration = FREE)

Homeschool co-ops are also welcome. If they are not a non-profit, the cost is $5 and a friendly public plug about the event on social media. (Registration = $5)

For-profit businesses are also welcomed! These businesses can pay a $30 registration fee. This is a great deal to have a concentrated audience of potential clients and to get in a room with potential business contacts. (Registration = $30)

All funds collected will be cycled back into the promotion of this 1st time event, and providing light snacks for vendors.