Blowing Bubbles: An example of everyday learning

Everyday learning can be shown during something as simple as bubble time.
Everyday learning can be shown during something as simple as bubble time.

Learning does not have to take place behind a book. Kids don’t show what they know with the use of pen and paper. Everyday learning occurs during simple tasks–chores, conversations, even play.



Everyday learning: it is something amazing to see in action. It was just a normal few minutes playing with my sons on the porch. Their dad had just bought a new bubble machine for his business, and like all good children, my sons were doing a quality assurance check. There is something pure and simple about the joy of children as they run around, trying to pop rainbow orbs that dance in the wind.


“Oh, look at that one!” I exclaimed. “A double bubble!”




My three-year-old squealed with glee, “Double bubble!”




It became a competition of who could spot one first and pop it. I’ll be honest, he was winning.


Then a thought occurred to me, Who taught him what the word ‘double’ means?


Even though I never explicitly taught him the meaning of the word, it was obvious that he knew what it meant. He demonstrated it by only pointing out and popping double bubbles.


I let the educator hat slip on for a second, and looked at what we were doing. There was the obvious reinforcement of the vocabulary word, but there was more. This was an industrial bubble maker, pumping out hundreds of bubbles a minute; imagine the control to look past all of the floating bubbles to look for only the “double bubble” — talk about an eye workout! Then we added the layer of hand-and-eye coordination, to physically pop the bubble quicker than me, and it gets even more complexed.


And don’t forget the social lessons — he was learning to take turns. The game itself was made up on the spur of the moment. We never formally decided on ground rules. He was able to fall into the natural rhythm, and follow the unspoken rules. That’s not something to take for granted. Adults sometimes have difficulty following the social nuances of unspoken rules.


Did I feel super proud of my well-crafted, multi-layered lesson?


Nope. Because it wasn’t a lesson. It was playing. No planning necessary. But just because it isn’t a formal lesson, doesn’t mean learning wasn’t occurring. This fun bit of double bubble time reminded me that playing for humans of all ages can be learning opportunities.


Director of Education Revolution


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Announcing An All Included Homeschool Option for 2017-18 year

While homeschoolers can select what their calendar year looks like, many follow the same, or similar schedule, to the local public school system. If you happen to be one of them, then maybe you’re trying to figure out what curriculum you are going to use, what classes your kids will sign up for, and how you are going to budget it all. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an all included homeschool option?


Education Revolution has got your back. Not only are we offering hybrid lessons (physical and virtual aspects) for elementary and middle/high school levels, we also have an all included homeschool option that can end your hunt for core curriculum and tutoring in one sweep at a fraction of the cost!



Introducing the Simple Revolution Solution!

For one flat rate your student will get the core curriculum, lessons, tutoring, and supplements for the entire year. That’s right, one cost has your whole year covered. To make this all included homeschool option even more home-school friendly you can pay upfront or month-by-month!



A case example that shows how this all included solution could save you money, time, and stress.
NOTE: The course is pro-rated! That means it is $100 per month–you don’t pay for months you weren’t enrolled for! For example, join in November and your total cost is $700–you don’t pay for August through October!





Let’s talk courses, curriculum, and simplicity! Offerings for August – October 2017 Something for ALL grades!

Posted by Education Revolution on Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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Homeschool virtual lessons for first quarter 2017-18 school year

It’s that time of year again! Many parents across the country are in the mode of school year planning. Maybe you’re one looking for homeschool virtual lessons, trips, or local face-to-face options.


Here at Education Revolution we’re in the business of supporting homeschool families in Florida and beyond. Therefore I’m super excited to announce some great all-in-one courses to support students in grades kindergarten, 1, and 5 for the first quarter of the school year.


And when I say all-in-one, that is exactly what we mean. With these Education Revolution’s courses you get physical curriculum to keep, live lessons, supplemental material, super-simple science hands-on/lab ideas, and the ability to work directly with me on future planning or questions your students might have!


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Summer 2017 Home School Workshops

Are you looking for a home school summer educational opportunity that is affordable and flexible? In need of virtual classes for your student? If you home school summer is just another season to learn!


The summer doesn’t mean that it is time to shut down the brain and forget all you’ve learned all year. Life longer learners find ways to make learning happen no matter the month, or the season.


This summer Education Revolution is offer 4 asynchronous, work at your own pace, workshops–some of which include bonus live lesson sessions! All of these session are led by the director who is already planning. The workshops are all kept small–with 10 students or less. This means that each student can expect to get personalized attention and feedback. It also means that space is truly limited!



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Workshop Titles

Do Home School Students Have To Take The FSA or Florida Standards Assessment?

I was talking to a friend and he says all the kids in Florida have to take the FSA to get a diploma. But my kid is home schooled. Does my he need to take the FSA? – A skeptical dad


Well good for you dad–be skeptical and investigate for yourself. You might have heard that all students in Florida have to take and pass the FSA in order to get a diploma. While there are actually caveats to that overarching rule, it is true for most public school students. It is not true, however, for home school students.


Remembering that there are lots of different ways to “home school” in Florida, you first have to know exactly what form of home school your student does.


If your student is a home schooler registered with the state of Florida they can, but do not have to, take the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA). According the Florida law “parent shall provide for an annual educational evaluation in which is documented the student’s demonstration of educational progress at a level commensurate with her or his ability. The parent shall select the method of evaluation and shall file a copy of the evaluation annually with the district school superintendent’s office in the county in which the student resides.”


Guess what? The FSA does fit that requirement, and your local school district is required to make provision to test them. However it is not the only, and possibly not the best, option for your family.


Taking the FSA or a written test?

Some students do great on tests, while others don’t show their full potential. Some students might not do well in a classroom of kids they don’t know, taking a test with a teacher they aren’t familiar with, while other kids wouldn’t be bothered at all. You know your kids and know what testing environment would work best for them.


Students can take any nationally-normed reference test accepted by their local school district. Most Florida districts are more than happy to take the results of the IOWA or Stanford assessment. Also, remember that you can also have a certified educator conduct a review of the portfolio of work produced by your student, and they can provide you with an affidavit which you can provide to your local school district. (You know that Education Revolution offers both of the services?)


If your student is “home schooled” but enrolled in a virtual or “umbrella” school like Education Revolution’s, they have to meet the requirements of that school in order to move forward academically. These requirements may, or may not, involve required standardized testing. You’d have to investigate the requirements of the specific one that you are enrolled in.
So be skeptical before you become anxious unnecessarily. Check out the requirements for your student’s educational path.