Homeschooling Today and Tomorrow

In recent times, homeschooling is becoming more prevalent than ever. Teaching children at home rather than in the regular classroom environment. Education is dynamic, and changes from day to day with new trends.

Numerous benefits have been seen as an outcome of homeschooling. Children that are homeschooled have access to online educational sites, libraries, extracurricular activities and lots of other facilities to help guarantee an all-around learning process. These children stand at an advantageous position of being schooled in a way that suits them. They learn at their speed, develop a sense of how they learning. They have time to learn those life lessons that are critical to success that are not taught in a textbook--self-reliance, resilience, time management, planning, and drive.

The Bright side of Homeschooling
  • Home atmosphere is more relaxed and it also allows for the schedule to be tailored to the child’s needs.

Being homeschooled creates an encouraging environment for the child which enhances the child’s ability to achieve and grow. In a peaceful home environment, the work, curriculum and approach can be tailored to suit the child’s need and focused on their strengths and enhance their weaknesses.

  • Homeschooling encourages the child to look beyond grades and work for the knowledge.

Homeschooling helps the child look past just grades, which is the norm in schools, and aim for knowledge, which should be the primary aim of learning. According to studies, it has been noticed that homeschooled children have as good, and at times better, results academically as their public-school and private-school counterparts.

  • Homeschooling is very accommodative for gifted and children with special needs.

For children who are gifted or have special needs, attending a general school might not be conducive, and this is where homeschooling comes to play. Special attention can be given to the child alongside the learning process. In fact, some states and private organizations provide funds and resources to assist families homeschooling students in special circumstances.

  • Better teacher to student ratio which enhances understanding.

According to statistics, it has been noticed that a smaller student to teacher ratio collaborates with positive teaching outcomes. One on one teaching of the student helps the child to understand faster and allow more time to explore the areas they struggle in.

Outlook of Homeschooling

Most educators agree that the educational approaches of yesterday simply won’t cut it. Students are different, the world is more connected, and the job market is shifting. The future of homeschooling is a limitless one. The homeschool approach is increasing among lots of families. For some families, like my own, homeschooling is perfect for their children. They are being taught so that they can compete with their peers academically. However, it is more than that. We’re giving them the time and space to learn who they are, what their interest is, and how they learn. When a child is being homeschooled, they get to cover a wide range of subjects that are deemed fit for the child even outside the regular school curriculum which can be most beneficial for the child. Open-mindedness is seen as a culturally inherent trait of the homeschooling community. It is that open-mindedness that opens the door to amazing possibilities.


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Enrichment Classes Central Florida 2019-2020

We're proud to introduce Education Revolution's Enrichment Classes starting in September 2019!

These weekly enrichment classes focus on STEM and humanities. The goal is to provide local Central Florida students with high educational opportunities at affordable pricing. One way we do this is with no long-term contracts and flexible payments.

Just what will be covered this school year?

Students will learn to code, and those who are already into coding will expand their knowledge base. All students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn through robotics and other hands-on opportunities.

Students will dive into the world of Science, with especially emphasis placed on Chemistry and Physics. Science will come to life as they complete projects and experiments, and also see in the real world application of concepts they are learning on a larger scale.

We'll explore the vibrant joy that humanities can give to the human soul. Students will read both fiction and non-fiction, as well as classics and modern works. With the gentle hand of an instructor, students will understand the complexity of master storytellers weave in the tales that they tell. The selected books will challenge students to look at themselves, as well as the world around them, just a little bit differently than before they read.

It will not be all about understanding the expression of others, but also expressing ourselves. Students will practice writing expository, persuasive, and creative pieces. The joy of writing comes to life when it is done with a purpose. Student writing projects are designed not to stagnate, or be dry drilled practice. Instead, they'll have an exciting purpose set forth for their ending pieces--staring their work via print, online publication, and sometimes delivery to key audiences of their choice.

Throughout the year, students will work on understanding the world around them through World Studies units that are designed to look at past and present cultures around the world, seeking to follow them through their music, food, stories, fashion, and more. Students will virtually visit many places, and have some fantastic cultural experiences come to them.

When and where is the program?

The classes are mostly Tuesdays beginning in September, with a few breaks throughout the year. They'll all be held in the Silver Spurs Arena area of Kissimmee. Classes start at 9:30 and end at 2:30. Home educators get a weekly break while their student is learning.

What does the program include?

Each quarter students are provided with all of the curriculum, as well as 45-hours of face-to-face learning in a safe, progressive, learning environment. Our enrichment classes more than cover the requirement for an English, Science, Technology AND Social Science class.

How much is the cost commitment?

First, students are not required to sign up for the entire school year. There are four quarters planned, and students may talk all of them, or just a few. The cost of one quarter is $400, including all fee. If you considered only the 45 hours of live classes, it averages to $8.89 per hour. When you add the curriculum and learning opportunities provided during each quarter, this is an excellent price! Once again, try it for a quarter to see if this program is a good fit for your family without a long term commitment!

I have more questions. Where can I find the answers?

Check out our electronic brochure!

I want to be considered for a slot. Where can I do that?

Simply fill out our interest form below!

Hybrid Homeschool Program 2019-2020 enrollment

The Simple Revolution Solution is returning for its third year, having great results in the 2018-19 school year. True to its revolutionary form, the hybrid homeschool program is getting several renovations and upgrades over the summer months.

Just want is The Simple Revolution Solution?
The Simple Revolution Solution is a hybrid program designed for students through grade 10. Students are provided with physical and electronic materials. Students work with a cohort of students throughout the school year. Various modalities of learning have been considered when designing these flexible courses.

What courses are offered?
The program includes all core courses--Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

How are the students grouped?
Students in the program are grouped by academic level--not grade level. Students are placed in these groups that have names related to the field of study. This method is used so that students aren't tied to grade levels; they are focused on growth.

What is provided in the courses?
In general, all curriculum, live lessons, tutoring as needed, creation of an electronic portfolio, work review and progress tracking, are all included. Essentially, everything required for success. 

What else do students need outside of this program?
Almost no additional material or courses are needed for core academics outside of this program. Simple, easy to find items are needed for science--for example foil or bowls. Basic school items like notebooks and pencils are not provided. 

What else do students need outside of this program?
No additional material or courses are needed for core academics outside of this program.

What are a few of the upgrades happening this summer?
Over summer, we will be moving most of our courses on to the Google platform. Also, our website will see some upgrades, and a few fresh faces with expertise in various fields will be joining us. We'll be planning special surprise guests and activities during the summer months as well.

Where can I learn more?
Please see our electronic brochure below. If you're interested in applying for consideration, complete the form below. If you have questions, you can contact us to arrange a consultation appointment to address them.

Have you heard about the Central Florida Homeschool Expo 2019? It is free and local!

Hello! My name is Yolanda Newton. I am a local homeschool mom, a local business owner, and an educator of over ten years. In my position interacting with other homeschooling families, I have noticed that there are so many close by resources that homeschooling families aren't aware exist. Almost daily I tell someone about a resource or idea that would fit their needs. 

I realized that what is needed is an EXPO for local businesses, organizations, and resources, to let homeschoolers know the fantastic things they are offering. And I am all about filling the gaps in the homeschooling community where needed!

Therefore, I would like to cordially invite you to attend the 1st Central Florida Homeschool Expo and Showcase to be held in downtown Kissimmee on July 15th from 10am-2pm!

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If you're an ORGANIZATION that have events or products for homeschoolers, VENDOR, TUTOR, CO-OP, a FIELD TRIP location, we'd love for you to showcase what you offer!

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