Hybrid Homeschool Program 2019-2020 enrollment

The Simple Revolution Solution is returning for its third year, having great results in the 2018-19 school year. True to its revolutionary form, the hybrid homeschool program is getting several renovations and upgrades over the summer months.

Just want is The Simple Revolution Solution?
The Simple Revolution Solution is a hybrid program designed for students through grade 10. Students are provided with physical and electronic materials. Students work with a cohort of students throughout the school year. Various modalities of learning have been considered when designing these flexible courses.

What courses are offered?
The program includes all core courses--Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

How are the students grouped?
Students in the program are grouped by academic level--not grade level. Students are placed in these groups that have names related to the field of study. This method is used so that students aren't tied to grade levels; they are focused on growth.

What is provided in the courses?
In general, all curriculum, live lessons, tutoring as needed, creation of an electronic portfolio, work review and progress tracking, are all included. Essentially, everything required for success. 

What else do students need outside of this program?
Almost no additional material or courses are needed for core academics outside of this program. Simple, easy to find items are needed for science--for example foil or bowls. Basic school items like notebooks and pencils are not provided. 

What else do students need outside of this program?
No additional material or courses are needed for core academics outside of this program.

What are a few of the upgrades happening this summer?
Over summer, we will be moving most of our courses on to the Google platform. Also, our website will see some upgrades, and a few fresh faces with expertise in various fields will be joining us. We'll be planning special surprise guests and activities during the summer months as well.

Where can I learn more?
Please see our electronic brochure below. If you're interested in applying for consideration, complete the form below. If you have questions, you can contact us to arrange a consultation appointment to address them.

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